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Justin worked on more than a dozen different problems in this '80's house to get it ready for sale.  He fixed lights, fans, ac vents, door trim, bathroom caulk, electric covers,  removed paint on bathroom tile, fixed loose deck boards.  Wish I had found Justin sooner.  He was on time and worked hard to get everything fixed on my long list.   I am very pleased with the work and will definitely use Gray Renovation again.  Thanks Justin!



Overall, I was extremely pleased with the work and with Gray Renovation. Justin (the owner) is personable, intelligent, and conscientious. He seemed happy to work within the confines of my needs and budget, and ultimately delivered a product that exceeded my expectations. I have recommended Justin and Gray Renovation to neighbors/friends, and will likely use Justin's services in the future.

-Tim A.


Justin came to repair items  in the pre-sale inspection report listed as safety concerns.   He also removed a hot tub and a large load of trash left by the tenant.   Thank you Justin for a job well done, I was so glad to see that last load of trash leave. 


-Betty Z.


I was very impressed with Justin Gray. I had to post a craigslist add to get someone to install my new front door right away! He answered the add and came over the very next day even thought it was below freezing. He did a great job on the door and it looked great for superbowl! He is nice and helpful and honest. Works fast too! Thanks Justin!

-S. S.


Justin and his helper repaired a screen door and fixed a cabinet door hinge, as well as giving good advice on replacing a toilet, kitchen sink and tub fixtures.  Justin was prompt and thoughtful in his estimate and his work was excellent.  A gem from my perspective.

-Ann G.


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